Inexpensive ideas to get in the Christmas spirit

It's the time of the year when all the Christmas lovers come out from hiding. You know those people that are glad Halloween is over. The type of people that love seeing Christmas decorations up in the shop. The people who praise the random house down the street because they already have their decorations and lights up. Well I am proud to admit that I am one of those people. 

Christmas in my eyes is the most wonderful time of the year!

The only downfall to Christmas and the holidays is money. We spend a ridiculous amount of money over the Christmas period that may or may not be necessary. I for one, know I do spend an unnecessary amount of money over the holidays so this year I have decided to find ways to celebrate a cheap Christmas holiday and force my loved ones to get into the Christmas spirit. 

Below is a list of inexpensive ways to get into the Christmas spirit. 

1. The switching on of Christmas lights
Christmas lights, fireworks, hot chocolates, gloves and scarves. My favourite way to start the festive period. You can check your local city council website check where and when lights are being turned on in your area. Luckily, where I live, I'm able to go to 3+ centres just in my City to see the lights being switched on. (Sorry not sorry bahumbug boyfriend.)

2. Christmas markets
Christmas markets will slowly start to appear now we're in November. Hot winter food, mulled wine, Christmas music and browsing. If this doesn't give someone the Christmas spirit then I feel you need to sit down and have a stern talk with them! Markets can sometimes become expensive, but even just buying a crepe and browsing around is one cheap way to spend your festive holiday weekends. 

3. Christmas movie evening
Has anyone ever told you that they haven't seen Polar Express or Love Actually? Did you feel disgust towards them? If so I don't blame you. Get them to your house, make some delicious snacks, get those Christmas lights out, create hot chocolates full of sugary goodness and binge watch movies under blankets. 

4. Outside or inside ice skating
Ice skating is one of those activities that's in many Christmas movies so what better way to spend your festive holiday skating your evening away. If it's outside even better! And ensure you fall on your bum at least once, otherwise you're not doing it right!

5. Christmas baking
This is the one time of year when people claim you can eat as many treats as you like (I believe this is an all year round thing). So go to town on baking, you can pick up many cheap baking decorations and cake packs. No matter your age, baking with loved ones is sure to create many funny memories. Always make sure to create a mess and possibly a flour fight!

6. Christmas music and journeys
Last but not least, create a playlist whether it be on your phone or on a CD. Even a cassette. Jump in a car, press play and drive around with loved ones and go hunting for the best decorated house. Wearing a Christmas hat and jumper is a must with such an activity as this one. 

What's your favourite activity to do to get you into the Christmas spirit?


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  1. This is so nice :) I know Christmas is over (sadly) but I was quite low on money this Christmas and ended up DIYing a lot of my decorations xx


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