Nivea Men's Aftershave Balm as primer

So, the point of primer is to obviously keep your make up on all day. We all have our favourite primers that we can't move away from but for quite a few of us, these primers cost a small fortune. But what happens when an aftershave gets thrown into the equation? An aftershave as a primer that will only cost you around £5 for a bottle that will last you a ridiculously long time. Who can say no to that?! I know I couldn't and I didn't. So I decided to purchase the Nivea Men's Aftershave Balm (sensitive skin) and put it to the test.

I suffer with oily skin, you can throw an egg on my face during the summer heat and I'm pretty sure the oil on my face would fry the egg. So my reactions to the Nivea Men's Aftershave Balm could be completely different to yours due to different skin type.

So my plan was to test this product for 4-6 weeks to be able to get a real feel for it. My first week I started to really like using it. It was easy to apply, it felt light on the face and it smelt great (the aftershave scent disappeared after applying foundation). So after a long day at work and travelling back home (I work in a hospital so you can imagine how much my make up really gets tested). I found that my make up had stayed in place which was perfect as I never touch up at work, plus it was good enough to go out for the evening still with only a touch up of lipstick and mascara.

Then the main problem appeared, it was the afternoon on a work day and I had realised that although the top half of my face was still my normal colour, the bottom half mainly around my mouth and chin was orange. The only product I had changed was the 'primer' so the next day I didn't use the aftershave and my face stayed one colour all day. So I decided to test it again, I applied the aftershave as normal and all was okay until I looked in the mirror in the afternoon and the bottom half of my face was once again orange.

I'm unsure on why this happened, I've left the primer to go tacky, left it for 10-20 minutes and also applied foundation as soon as I applied the aftershave but they all ended up with the same results. Me looking like a failed oompa loompa. 

So for that reason, I am out and sticking to my usual primer even if it does cost a fair bit more. 

Although I will not use this product as a primer, I'm glad to have tested it out and it is a product I would recommend at least trying in case it turns out to be the perfect primer for you.

Have you tried this? If so what's your experience? 


  1. Great review! It's really interesting to see how it fared as a primer, especially as a lot of products aimed at men are cheaper - and it also saves money sharing your partner's aftershave haha! - even if it didn't work as well :D I weirdly use canesten cream as a primer but it's the only thing that tackles my spots caused by skin imbalance, and it creates a lovely smooth base at the same time! We should definitely keep trialling these unconventional products haha! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. Gosh that's so weird! I wonder what made it turn orange?!?!


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