How To Save Money On Your Food Shop

 With the prices of food rising, it's becoming difficult to stick to a monthly food budget especially due to different food diet needs. This led me to hunt out ways to save money with food shopping. Below I have listed ways on saving money through your mobile phone and online.

Checkout Smart is a free app on your mobile that shows food products that you can receive cash back on after purchasing. For instance, they currently have a deal on for Hovis seeded and granary bread which you receive 100% cashback on after purchase. Simply buy the product, scan the receipt and wait for the money to be put back into your Checkout Smart account. Once your account has reached £20, you can draw the money out back into your account. You can also draw out the money if you have less than £20 in your account but it will incur a 5% fee. Payments should be in your bank account within 10 days.

Shopmium is pretty much the same as CheckoutSmart, the layout and features aren't as simple as CheckoutSmrt but still pretty easy to use. You can also find Shopmium in your app store. When downloading through the app store on your phone, if you enter the code KFYAHAMM you will receive a free Lindt chocolate bar.

Receipt Hog
Receipt Hog is an app on your phone that you earn coins on which transfers into gift cards. All you have to do is simply upload receipts and you will receive coins, or spins on the slot machine which can earn you more coins. You can also earn more coins by connecting your email and Facebook account. If you download the app, when you sign up, enter code plank947 and you will receive 5 spins as soon as you snap a receipt.

Supersavvyme is a website that have all the recent coupons for you to use in a variety of different stores. Simply sign up to the website and click onto 'coupons'. Simply print out the coupons that you will use when shopping.

If you're feeling nervous using coupons at the tills, you can pop to the self checkouts and either scan or insert coupons there.

Tip: Make sure you sign up to loyalty cards in the shops you most often use. These loyalty cards will add up in points with every use and can results in free food, vouchers, free trips and discounts on products. Majority of retailers have loyalty cards now which can save you quite a bit in the long run.

You may even find it's worth signing up to a shop you do not go into on a regular basis, such as I purchased a ring from Accessorize and they offered me to join and get their loyalty card which gave me 20% off my first purchase. I rarely go into this shop but it was a good deal to reduce my total amount spent on the day.

Have you got any other tips or tricks to save money?



  1. Wow I am bookmarking this for when I go back to living in England - these are such good ideas! Have you saved a lot using them? xx

    1. I've saved a reasonable amount with them. I try to make sure I stick only to products I would normally purchase, unless they are free in the apps. xx

  2. I haven't heard of ANY of these! I'm definitely going to tell my mum about these and I'm also going to sign up to get a free chocolate bar now too!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Ah, hope your mum likes them as well! Make sure when you invite people to join up that they use your referral codes if one comes with the app. :) xx

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