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Summer is here, which means we can finally dig out our BBQ's and picnic baskets and enjoy spending our days with friends and family whether it be in our back gardens, on the beach or at the park. 

Spending time with friends and family, talking and laughing whilst having a refreshing drink is one of my favourite ways to spend my summer evenings, this is one of the reasons why I have fallen for Galvanina fruit drinks. 

Galvanina is an all natural, sparkling fruit beverage made in Italy. The spring water is naturally filtered and gently carbonated in the Apennine Mountains and the Sicilian groves is where the organic fruit gently sun-ripened and then carefully hand picked. 

Galvanina come in four different flavours;
Red Grapefruit 
Sicilian Clementine
Sicilian Lemon
Sicilian Ruby Orange

My other reason for loving Galvanina fruit drinks is due to the glass bottles. The glass bottles are easy to turn into mini home decorations. For instance, I have used a few of the bottles for glass vases, each bottle has a rose in. I have also used one bottle for my olive oil.

You can purchase Galvanina from Waitrose and Ocado or read up all about Galvanina here.



  1. This is a beautiful collection! I love juice but it's hard to find natural and not loaded with corn syrup here in the US. I'm going to have to see if they ship overseas because this looks delish!! xx

    1. Ah yes, hopefully they do, if they don't, hopefully they'll ship over there soon! It's delicious! xx

  2. Love the thought of using the bottle as a home decoration :D I also love the sound of the flavours yuuum x

    Serene | I Am Serene L

    1. It's so cute. Brightens up my window seat! :D x

  3. I need to try Galvinia! It seems perfect summery drink for sunny days!

    1. It truly is the perfect summer drink! So yummy! x


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