ESQIDO Mink Lashes in Unforgettable

Do you find it difficult to find the perfect pair of eyelashes? Eyelashes that stay on all day and night? Eyelashes that can be reused many times?

These are the three main things I struggle with when I'm trying to look for a pair of false lashes. Luckily ESQIDO lashes have that covered. 

ESQIDO false eyelashes* are soft, leightweight and comfortable. I wore them throughout the day with no irritations or issues with them coming off  which is always a bonus for me as a lot of eyelashes I have purchased before seem to either fall off or the edges start to peel off. (This will always happen if I see a hot guy, definitely not a good look.)

The best part about ESQIDO lashes is that unlike other lashes, ESQIDO can be used up to 25 times, so long as you care for them properly, these lashes will last you a long time. 

In the pictures below I'm wearing Unforgettable which I adore because these eyelashes have more of a natural feel, as well as a beautiful winged out effect which really compliments the eyes.

You can purchase ESQIDO lashes in Unforgettable for 36$/£22.97 here and receive $10/£6.38 off when you enter your email address. ESQIDO ship to the UK and USA for free and it will only take between 1-5 business days to receive your order. 

You can follow ESQIDO on their social media platforms by simply searching for @Esqidolashes. 

* Sample sent for review + clickable link.



  1. Oh these lashes are beautiful!! They look great on you!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  2. Wow these eyelashes are stunning! And they look amazing on you Amy <3

    Serene xoxo

  3. Those are gorgeous and look so natural! I have the tendency to want to but cheap lashes but they end up costing more because I can't reuse them. I will definitely be looking into these! Awesome photos, by the way :) xx

    1. I use to be like that. I tend to leave false lashes to the last minute, so a quick trip to the drug store to grab cheap ones was a regular occurrence for me. These are great lashes, and they're a US company, so you'll be able to get these! Thank you lovely! :) xx

  4. These look amazing! I've honestly never tried fake lashes but maybe some day I will (:

    1. False lashes are worth a try, even if you just try them quickly. It's fun to see how long your lashes can be! :) x

  5. I struggle so much with finding the perfect pair of lashes! These look lovely and so natural!

    Sophie xx |


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