DIY: Sugar Face Scrub

What you need;
1 Facial cloth/flannel
Your normal facial wash
2 teaspoons of sugar (I've used normal white sugar)

Recently I've been suffering a lot of blemishes. (One of the perks to hormones!) So I've been treating my skin to a simple DIY sugar scrub to help banish these pesky things. I've only done it three times in two weeks. Twice last week and once so far this week. I do recommend to do it twice a week, it makes your face feel nice and fresh!

Simply start by applying your normal facial wash, then add 2 pinches of sugar into your palm. (I like to add a small blob of my facial wash and mix in with the sugar.) I then apply all over my face, being careful of around my eye area and leave on for ten minutes. I then wash off with warm water and my trusty Kleenex face cloths and gently dab fresh cold water over my face. Dab dry and apply moisturiser. 

And voila, there you have a simple DIY facial scrub with sugar. 

I have noticed a difference in my face, my blemishes are slowly going down. My skin also has been appearing slightly brighter, so I'm hoping after a few more weeks of use, my skin will be back to normal! 

Do you know any good DIY facial scrubs for blemishes? If so please let me know, id love to try them! :)



  1. I love this! :) I hate buying scrubs. They are always so harsh on my skin and I end up with a red face :/ I will definitely try this soon!

    1. Same, my skin is getting way to sensitive for it. That's why I love this one. I can add as much face wash that I want so it's not as harsh. Hope it works for you! :) x

  2. Love this! You should check out my everyday skincare routine! Xx

  3. This sounds like such a nice idea! Sounds much less harsh on the skin than shop bought scrubs

    1. It is, especially as you can control how much sugar you put in! :) Xx


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