My Weekend Face In Makeup

Ignore how strange my eyes look. :)

So I had a very busy weekend, and I wanted to create a look that would last throughout the day and night. A look that would serve well for a charity fun day and a hen night.

I blogged about My everyday face paint back in May, and my make up only varies slightly from back then. For my weekend make up, especially one where it has to serve from day to night, I like to add a bit of heavier product, which usually I'm not a fan of but in an instance like this, I want to try and keep my makeup on my face as long as possible without the need to touch up too much throughout the day.

So first of all, I of course clean my face and use my trusty L'oreal Paris Mercillar set which is my recent purchase that I'm in love with. (A review will be up soon)
I then go ahead, and apply the Beauty Parlour Moisturiser with my finger tips. Once that has soaked in, I then get my favorite Techniques brush and apply the Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation all over my face, making sure I brush under my jaw line and neck to prevent any mismatch of colours.
Once the foundation is done, I then get the UNE Concealer which has a brush applicator, and dab it around my face, making sure I cover the blemishes and dark circles under my eyes. Once I've rubbed all the concealer in, I then like to dab the Maybelline Fit Me Powder all over my face and neck.
Once all that is complete, I then move to my eyebrows (forgot to add into the make up products picture). I use the MUA Brow Kit, in the lightest colour and fill in my eyebrows with strokes.
I then apply a simple smokey eye to my lids using Eco Tools brushes and my trusty MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, to complete my eye look I then add the MUA Extreme Curl Mascara in black, (this is easily one of my favorite mascaras I've tried)
Then for my lips, I simply add my Nivea Lip Balm, which you can buy in pretty much any shop for under a couple of pound. Then last but not least, I add lipstick, I chose the Calvin Klein Lipstick in Cosmopolitan.

This is my whole makeup look for the weekend, from day to evening. I didn't add any blusher because personally for me, blusher plus smokey eye plus lipstick has been really washing out my natural tone lately.

For my accessories, I'm wearing a gold arrow bracelet from Topshop, (I can't seem to find on their website anymore) and on my nails, I'm wearing my recently purchased Maybelline Colour Show Varnish in Coral Craze. 

Picture from the fun day, it was pretty windy!
But I won Haribo, so it was a good day! :)
What makeup do you recommend on a weekend, from day to evening? Do you have a trust favorite of yours? If so, what is it? :)



  1. I love Maybelline! :)

    1. It's really good, it's been one of my main foundations that I've always used! :) xx

  2. I swear by that foundation sometimes! :)

    llh x

    1. It's so good! Maybelline are pretty good for their foundations! :) xx

  3. love your blog,followed Xx

  4. Your makeup looks amazing!

  5. like the way your do your make up, I have the same kind of brushes. I love experimenting with ways to contour my face with different brushes and makeups!

    -Hailey Cheyenne

    1. Thank you. The brushes are lovely, I have got to say that I'm in love with my Techniques brush, so soft and perfect! :)xx


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