Valentines Weekend: Overview!

I love a Soppy Valentines!
In my last post, I blogged about Valentines day and my surprise for my boyfriend. Well now we've come to an end of our Valentines weekend, I thought what better way to relive the weekend than to share what happened. :)

Thursday 14th -

On Thursday night (Valentines) we sat out in the garden and made smores. (Luckily it was a nice cool night) We sat around the chiminea, toasted our marshmallows then had the fun of squeezing it all together. (I don't know if I'm the only one but I love that part!)

My boyfriend then gave me the gifts from him to me, it all came wrapped up in a really cute valentine gift bag, with red rose petals in. (His own personal touch!) He knows me so well, everything he got me was lovely, each present related to our own personal jokes/memories. I then got to the bottom of the bag and found a brown envelope with "I love you.." written on it. This present is the most sentimental present I've ever received. The envelope contained four sizes of A4 paper, covered from top to bottom with all the reasons he fell in love with me. There's no denying I welled up at that!

Friday 15th -

                                                             So Friday morning, I let my boyfriend have a lay in and I got set on his breakfast in bed. Scrambled egg on toast with a cup of tea is always a winner! Once we were both ready, I then had to tell him to pack his bag, this confused him but he packed his bag. I then presented him with the cake and Valentine cookies I made him. (Cookies completely failed, but I'm no good in the kitchen haha.) After that, we headed off into town, got lunch and had a  drink in Vanguards. We then headed to his main surprise (got lost on the way, never trust me with directions even when using GPS on my phone.) But getting lost was a bit of a bonus as this confused my boyfriend even more to where we were going. We eventually arrived at our destination - Hilton Hotel. I had booked a night there so we got to spend our own time together. Safe to say he was over the moon! 

For the rest of the day, we relaxed in our room and got room service. As Hilton Hotel is an expensive hotel, we ended up ordering only side dishes for dinner. Chips and garlic bread for my boyfriend. Chips and salad for me. The rest of the night we were soppy with each other, ate cake and sweets and had a good laugh! One of my best day/night I've ever had.We planned to get up at 8 the next morning, but the hotel had another plan for us. We were woken up to the smoke alarm going off at 7am, five times this alarm went off. For the remainder of the morning, we got ready, relaxed and played music then tidied up the room then checked out at 12pm. 

(I jokingly proposed to my boyfriend with a handmade strawberry lace ring. Without hesitation, he at my proposal ring. :P)

I will make a review post on our experience at Hilton Hotel a bit later and add pictures of the room!

But overall, we both enjoyed the weekend and have decided to try and do a night/weekend away every so often! :)

Hope you all had a good Valentines day and treated yourself's! 
Let me know what you got up too! :)



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