Valentines Celebrations! :)

My Valentines surprise! 

Happy valentines day, beauts! I hope you're all enjoying yourself today whether you're celebrating or not. I know on valentines day, people have a lot of mixed emotions and different opinions. Some are hopeless romantics, and others find valentines an absolute cringe. Well up until this year, I was always the later even though I'm a secret hopeless romantic. But I have changed my view on valentines now, due to being in a super loved up relationship. (Grab the buckets now! :P) 
I went a bit overboard on Valentines day for my boyfriend (our first Valentines together). The reason I went a bit overboard is because it's coming up to our year anniversary so I wanted to make it special. As my boyfriend is coming here after work today, I've arranged for his surprise to be tomorrow.
My plan is;
1. This evening we'll sit out in the garden, with the chiminea alight and make smores.
2. Tomorrow morning, breakfast in bed then a candle lit bath.
3. In the afternoon, head out for lunch.
4. After lunch, go away for the night. (Booked a night at Hilton Hotel)
5. Go out for a meal.
6. Give him the Valentines cookies and cake I made for him.

I know this is a cringe worthy surprise, but my boyfriend is the sentimental type. He appreciates the thought more than anything else. But once a month, I make sure I do a cute, sentimental surprise for him. I enjoy doing this though, makes me happy to see him happy! :)

What's your thoughts on Valentines day? And what are your plans? :)



  1. Happy Valentines day. Hope you're having a good one! :) x

  2. This sounds so cute! I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day!

    1. Thank you. Hopefully he'll like it all! :)
      Hope you've had a good valentines!
      P.s I lovvee your blog. :)


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