Sleek I-Divine Au Naturel Palette

I absolutely love Sleek, although I haven't tried too many of their products, but overall I am very impressed with the brand overall as I always read so many good reviews.

My favorite product I own from them is the Sleek I-Divine Au Naturel Pallette, this is the only eye shadow palette I own! 

I find the colours in this palette are similar to the Naked 2.

Why I love this palette;

This palette always creates a successful smokey eye and natural eye look. 
The colours are so pigmented when applied on your eyelids 
The eye shadows are long lasting when applied 
All these colours make your eye colour pop regardless on which ones you use, either separately or together.

There are a few shades in this palette that contain shimmer, but when applied on your eyelid, the shimmer isn't overpowering at all which is good if you're not a huge shimmer/glitter fan. 

There are 12 I-Divine palettes in total, which range from dark to bright. All these palettes cost £7.99, which you can get from Superdrugs and Boots. 

What's your favourite Sleek makeup product?



  1. Great buy, I haven't tried sleek before, but it is great value for money & I usually stick to basic / Neutrals anyway for my everyday! Love the swatches :) thank you!! I need to buy this ASAP!

    Lots of Love

    Serene xoxox

    1. It is definitely a good purchase. Let me know if you get any Sleek products beaut! :) xxxx

  2. Looks like a nice go to palette!! Really love the shades :)

    1. It is, I have a slight addiction to au nautrel looks. :) xx

  3. The color selection is so pretty x

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  5. I love taupe! Such a pretty palette. Love your blog x
    Emma | Everything Beauty

  6. I love sleek! So affordable whilst still being good quality. I just bought the vintage romance palette, I've not used it yet but I will soon, such pretty colours! Xoxo

  7. Wow this is a great palette and love the natural color selection.
    I think ill go for my first Sleek order after all
    Thanks for sharing

  8. i am a massive sucker for sleek but havnt yet got this! looks fab, great colours


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