LUSH Summer Skin Event

The beauties above from left to right;
Credit goes to the lovely Becky for the picture above.


Credit to LUSH Portsmouth Facebook page for the picture! 

Our lovely goodies we got!

Cocktails, snacks, hand massages, arm massages, goodies and making a face mask
What more can a girl want?!

I was lucky enough to receive this from LUSH at their Summer Skin event in Portsmouth to introduce us to their new sun care range, which you can view here

When we entered the LUSH store we were greeted by the lovely staff members who explained what would be happening throughout the event. We were offered to go get a foot treatment done which I had to turn down because feet creep me out. (Sorry Alice that you missed out!) We were lucky enough to have a staff member to ourselves to show us around all the different products that LUSH make, including their new Sun Care range, which is a must have for this season! They explained all the products and the best way to use them, as well as all the benefits of the products. I have always loved LUSH but I normally go straight to the bath bombs, so it was good to be given a lot of knowledge of all the different LUSH goodness. No idea how all the staff remember everything, serious amazing skills right there!

I was shown the make up range, which shocked me as I didn't realise they had one. I have always quickly scanned the make up section without realising it was makeup. They have this wheel which is called Emotional Brilliance, all you do is close your eyes and pick 3 colours, these 3 colours will then reveal words. The first colour you pick means your strength/weakness, the second colour means your subconscious and the third means your aspiration. I really love this idea, it seemed to relate to me as well. The words I got were Charming, which is definitely my weakness, my second one was Decisive, which is something I struggle with but I want to work on, and thirdly I got Ambitious, which is and has always been my aspiration. You can give the wheel a go yourselves here.

Towards the end of the event, we got the chance to make their best selling Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask, which was really fun. Once making it, we got to take a pot home with us.

I want to say a huge thank you to the lovely LUSH team in Portsmouth and LUSH in general for all the good that they do within the world. Thank you for treating us so well and for the goodies. My love for LUSH is now extreme! Also it was so lovely to meet the other girlies, I've linked their blogs at the top of the post.

P.s I will be posting reviews on each of the lovely products I was lucky to receive as well as their sun care range. 


  1. sounds like you had an amazing day! I'd love to have a lush near me but sadly that is not the case :( x

    1. I did, was so much fun! Awe no, boo to that! Definitely order online if you can! :) x


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