Whitetobrown Tan Review

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WhiteToBrown is an instant tan in the form of liquid. I was intrigued by this prpduct being in liquid form as I'm use to lotions or mousses.  The bottle contains 150ml of tan. It also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which makes it perfect for summer. 

I personally like this tanning product as I am very fair skinned (ginger problems 101) and as soon as you apply it you can really notice the difference straight away. I applied mine a couple of hours before bed so when I woke up the next day I had the best results. And of course the odd darker bits on the backs of my feet and on my knees because I forgot the number one rule of vaseline on all hard areas of skin. 

I did find the directions on the back of the box were a bit to vague and just the typical standard way to apply tan and because I'm not use to liquid tans I had already contacted the lovely Sophia from HSD Online for her recommendations on applying the product. 

She mentioned to;

- Exfoliate
- Put the mitt on (included with tan)
- Place the head of bottle onto the mitt
- Move the bottle in a small circle motion while squeezing the bottle slightly
- Rub on legs/body part as normal

I found this way to work better than the directions on the box because it prevents the tan from spluttering everywhere. Also on the box it mentions not to use moisturiser before hand but as I'm such a dare devil I did purely for the fact I have always received better results using a moisturiser. I used the 'King of skin' body butter from lush. I would recommend using a body butter over body lotion. 

I personally think the positives of this product is that a little definitely goes a long way. I like that it glides on so easily especially when using the tan mitt provided. I am a mittaphobe, I only ever used the 'cling film and sock' trick to apply tan but the mitt worked wonders. Also the tan has lasted me the last few days even after a shower, I did of course top up after as you would with any other tan.

My only downfalls were that the packaging is plain. I'm the type of girl that gets drawn in by packaging so if I were to see this on the shelf of a shop then I wouldn't pay much attention. The saying of 'never judge a book by its cover' is definitely true even when it comes to tan. Also I personally think the price of the tan is a bit steep. It's £11.99 and for products like tan I would normally pay under £10. But then St Tropez is incredibly expensive and considering how good Whitetobrown is, overall I would say it's worth it.

Overall, I do recommend this product even if the thought of liquid tan scares you, especially as such a small amount truly goes a long way. This tan has become a summer favorite of mine. 

You can buy Whitetobrown <a href=" http://www.hygienesuppliesdirect.com/products/prod229862">here!


  1. great in depth review, I use a lot of fake tan in summer so I love trying new ones! I'm the same with packaging, I like it to be exciting hah, would love if you could chec out my fashion blog :)


    1. Thank you so much my lovely. Ooh will check your blog out now! :) x

  2. Sounds and looks like a good one, xoxo.


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