L'oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain Review

The L'oreal colour riche caresse wet shine stain claims to be the lip colour that has it all. First of all, the name of the product is a mouthful. So let's just call it the L'oreal Paris Caresse.

This lip product is classed as a lip stain, with a wet shine wrapped in the lightest hydration. The formula contains 30% water, combined with light hydrating oils and concentrated pigments to provide lasting colour with a glossy finish.

The description above is true, when applying to your lips it feels light weight. It's not dewy and doesn't leave your lips feeling sticky.

This has become my main used lip product.

 The only thing I recommend is to make sure your lips are not dry or flaky before use.

This product can be brought in local drugstores. I picked mine up from Boots.com for £7.99.

what is your favourite lip product?



  1. I bought two of these: a pale pink, and a coral and at first I hated them and was really upset that I spent the money. The color looked horrible and did not even stay on, but then I was like ok I gotta give this another try. So, this time I put on chap-stick first and then the gloss, and it made a world of a difference! I wear the pale pink all the time using this method, the coral doesn't always turn out right but I'm working on it, Lol! Love your review :)
    xx beautyybychloe.blogspot.com

  2. love this, the colour really suits you! :) xxx

  3. really similar to lancome lip lovers XX


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