Beauty Swaps?

In every Country, there are so many different make up companies, which means as a beauty/make up addict,  I've seen make up products that I'm interested in. The only issue is that in England we don't have them. Same as other Countries, we don't share the same make up brands.
So lately, I've been thinking of doing a beauty swap with someone abroad. Plus YouTube has been terrible and made me want to do one so much more! Dam YouTube haha! 
I was wondering if there was a beauty blogger out there who has done this before and would like to do it again or if any of them are interested in doing one with me?
Of course, I have a few worries, which would be the packages actually turning up. So I would love to get to know the beauty blogger well, and become 'blogger besties' haha. So I can do a beauty box with products that I know the beauty blogger would like. Also if the person who would like to do it with me, wanted a list of products that they can't get, then I can put them in the box as well. 
We can have a certain amount to spend. And get to know each other over the next couple of months? Id like it to take a few months to do the box just so we get the chance to get to know each other more and our likes and dislikes. I think it will be nice to make the box more personal to each other! :)

If anyone is interested, just message me. Also if anyone has done this before, what was your experience like? Good or bad?



  1. Hi! I would be interested :) I am from South Africa. I haven't done it before but I always have wanted to. I am obsessed with reading swap posts and watching them on youtube.

    1. I love your blog Amina! :)
      I'm just about to message you about the swap. :) x

  2. Hi there! :)
    I've been obsessed with reading swap posts and watching videos recently and have also been thinking I wanted to do a swap
    I'm in Australia and would love to do a swap with someone in the UK :)

  3. I would love to do a swap however we are both from the south of the UK so there's not really much point haha ;)

    Charlotte xxx

    1. Haha, that's very true! I'm keen on finding a beauty blogger meet up around the South! :)

  4. Since my obsession with YouTube started it's made me interested in doing a swap but I have the same concerns as you do! I've seen many good ones but a few awful ones. If I did a swap though international would be great because there are a lot of products unavailable in the US that I would love to try.

    Good luck on your search dear (: I look forward to a box swap post!

  5. Hi I am from the United States and I would love to swap with someone. If anyone is interested in swapping please email me at and please no scams! Thank you! Xo

  6. I've done one of this last year for Christmas, with girl from the USA, Germany, Poland and the UK. Although we didn't do a strictly beauty swap it did turn out great, and was an amazing experience.

    I'd love to do one with you if you want to, just send me an email at or tweet me, and we can do blog posts after.


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