OOTD & Caviar Nail Bargain

I thought I would do an 'Outfit of the day'. This is my first post on this, once I get a nice camera instead of my mobile, I will more than likely do more 'Outfit of the day' posts. 

The sun had finally come out today, in England this seems to be a rare sight, haha. We've been having crazy weather lately, Spring has decided to become non-existent. Luckily I live in the South of England where we've just had rain instead of snow. But seeing as the sun came out today, I thought id make my outfit a little bit more happy. 

Big picture - 
Cream knitted cardigan - New Look (Purchased around 2 years ago)
Blue lace top - Asda (This top was originally a dress, I got this on sale for about £5, I cut off the skirt part as I thought this would be much nicer as a top. Luckily, I get lots of compliments on the top when I'm out!)
Blue MOTO leggings - Topshop - £39   

Top right - 
Brown handbag - River Island - £45 (2 years ago)
Stud/Gems dolly shoes - Primark - £6

Middle right - 
Close up of the collar and detailing of my top. 

Bottom right -
N Nail Gels Falsies

My next 'Outfit of the day' will be much more interesting, I guides honor that haha. I'm just getting the hang of these, so I will improve on the pictures ect. :)

I also thought id add this little beauty in. I popped into my local poundland yesterday and normally I never buy anything other than party decorations and such from there. But these caught my eye. So glad I purchased these, especially for £1. When they retail for around £3 or more just for one. I've already tried these out, so a review will be coming up! :)

Have you used Caviar Nail Beads before? If so what was your thoughts and how did you decorate your nails?

P.s I'm writing this blog while I'm at my boyfriends for the Easter weekend. Say hello to his dog Milo. Who says Jack Russel's are horrible and aggressive. 




  1. I LOVE your shoes! The whole outfit is really pretty, a great way of being warm and comfy :)

    Charlotte xxx

    1. Thank you! Yess, I can't help but want to constantly wear comfy clothes. Dam England's weather haha. xox

  2. I love the nail colour - really gorgeous! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog http://a-woman-ofsubstance.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/ooh.html :) You have a lovely blog!

    Clare xxx

    1. Thank you. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!
      Awe, thank you for the nomination! :) xox

  3. Cute outfit!!!! I really need to try those caviar nails!
    Follow me back? chiccupcake1.blogspot.com
    Happy Easter! -Jenna <3

    1. Thank you! The caviar nails are amazing. Especially for £1. :)
      Cute blog, I'm a new follower! :) xox

  4. i loved everything like ur shoes, handbag, nails and blog as well...i love caviar...@


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