International Women's Day!

So apparently there's an 'International Women's Day'. I hope I'm not the only one who didn't realise this. I found this out while I was doing some shopping for some storage boxes. One thing I did notice, there were no offers for women in any shops. Surely, we should make a rule, that every year on International Women's Day, women should get discounts off everything they purchase. I mean, we do go through a lot and went through a lot to get equal rights. We at least deserve a day of discounts! :P

But as it is our very own special day, I thought "why not post about the woman in my life who inspires me"! :)

The women who inspires me the most, is without a doubt my Nanna. (And of course my mom, but I'll save that for Mother's day.)
My Nanna is the one women who will help everyone, who gives second chances and who will smile when the world crumbles in front of her. She has and always will be my inspiration. Growing up I saw her either every weekend or every other weekend, and thanks to her, I got my manners, my determination, my stubbornness, my want for a good life and of course my love for food.
She's the women who taught me to fight for my beliefs, express myself, to never give up, to always help others, and to keep a smile on my face and my head held high. And to this day, I do all these things. 
No matter what my Nanna has been through, she has always put everyone first, and being one of 17 children she's gone through a lot in her lifetime! 
My Nanna is the one person to look at my face even when I'm smiling and know if I'm upset or if somethings bothering me. She's the one person who knows every little thing about me. 
She has gone through a lot in her life, more than one person should ever have to go through. Yet, she's always come out stronger. Not once has she let anything beat her. And I hope that I'm just even a little bit like her, because she truly is the most amazing, kind hearted, selfless women you could ever meet. 

My Nanna now lives in a nursing home because of her deteriorating health. Yet, I go to visit her and I'll find her helping all the other residents when they're confused or 'lost'. She talks to them, and gets them to talk more and join in with activities. 

Oh and if my Nanna had the chance to write on here, the one main thing she would write is to tell you all to wear suncream even on a cloudy day. "Because SPF is good to keep your skin young and beautiful and good at keeping those dam wrinkles at bay!"

Who is your female inspiration? Whether it be a family member/friend/teacher/actress.



  1. I recently nominated you for my Liebster award post, be sure to check it out! :)
    I also now follow!
    Charlotte xxx

  2. What a lovely post! This was so sweet and made me think all the inspirational women in my life. My Grandma is also one of the most important women I know, and even two years after she's passed away still a constant source of inspiration for me.

    1. Awe, it truly is an unconditional love when it comes to Nanna's. I'm sorry about your Grandma, I'm glad she's still your inspiration. I'm sure she loved you dearly! :) x


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