Calvin Klein Lipstick Review!

Lipsticks are my guilty pleasure, I buy and buy and buy for no entire reason. I have many of the same colour from different brands. But I am an addict. 

Hi, my names Amy, I'm a lipstick addict!

Last week, I was surfing the good ol' internet, and took a nose on Ebay. For a while now, I've been in search for Calvin Klein lipsticks but at an affordable price. What better place to look than Ebay. I managed to find one for around £3, that claimed to be 100% genuine, and a refund if the buyer wasn't satisfied  So Cosmopolitan was my choice, especially with spring coming along. 

This took about a week to arrive, so every morning while the postman struggled to put the mail through my letter box, I waited with excitement. A week to wait, is torture! But it finally arrived this morning, and without hesitation, I had it out the bag and already on my lips within seconds. 

This lipstick texture is rich and creamy, and no need for anything like lip balm or blistex to go on before like normal. It glides on perfectly. So far I've only put it on twice today, once in the morning and now. Which to me is incredibly good, as a lot of lipsticks don't even last around 2 hours. It does come off quite a bit on your cup/glass, but not enough to worry about having to re-apply. 

The packaging is 'boring' as some may refer, but I like it. It's modern and sleek. Companies shouldn't worry about the packaging to much and should pay more attention to the lipsticks and this is what Calvin Klein has done.

I can't comment whether it is a genuine or not, but to me it does seem genuine. And to be honest for the price, who could complain?!

Have you tried Calvin Klein lipsticks before? Have you bought make up off Ebay before? If so what did you think of Ebay make up/Calvin Klein?



  1. This lipstick shade is gorgeous! I might have to find one similar!

    Charlotte xxx

    1. It is, I normally pick pink shades but this has to be one of my favorite ones. They have them on Fragrance Direct for £1.99, I'm tempted to get them from there and buy loads more! :)
      If you do purchase one, id love to see which one you pick! :) xox

  2. I love lipsticks too! I haven't tried CK though - maybe I'll have to invest? I recently tried a company called A.K.A that did a fab lippy. Until recently, I was on meds that dried my lips so could only wear super moist lipsticks, so this one sounds great!

    You can see my lippy review here :


    1. Yeah, definitely invest in one. It's worth it. Stays on your lips all day. I didn't have to even re-apply it when I went out for the night. I suffer with dry lips and this lipstick doesn't even show dry lips like other lipsticks. Ooh, I'll give your post a read! :)


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