Review: Body Shop Bath Set!

My love for The Body Shop gets even bigger!

I'm not new to Body Shop, in fact I've even been told to apply for a job in there due to constantly buying stuff from there shop. But for some reason, I've never bought any body sets from there.  I have purchased a lot of their perfumes and make up, which I love love love

But for Christmas I received a Body Shop Shea Bath Gift Set, this contains; Shea soap, Shea Body Butter, Shea Body Scrub, Shea Shower Cream and a body scrubber.

So since Christmas, this has been my main bath routine and I can't express how much I like it. I suffer with dry skin, especially throughout Winter. So this was the perfect addition to fighting back the dreaded dry skin. 

Shea Shower Cream; First things first, this smells absolutely divine. On the bottle they have mentioned that this is a soap-free, (which makes it that much more perfect for fighting against dry skin.) I find that this doesn't seem to lather up a great deal, so I've gone through a lot of the bottle already. But this seems to be the only con about the Shea Shower Cream. Other than that tiny fault, this shower cream leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft. Although it's cream, it doesn't feel like it sticks onto your body after washing off. And the smell lasts on your body! (More so than shower creams I have used before.)

Shea Body Scrub; The first thing I noticed about this scrub is that it isn't harsh on the body whether you're putting it on dry or wet skin. It also makes your body feel fully exfoliated and hydrated. I prefer to use this with exfoliating gloves though. This is a product I would happily go purchase separately. 

Shea Body Butter; This body butter is by far the best I have used, as soon as you apply to your skin, it rubs in so easily. It doesn't feel heavy at all, but still feels like it moisturizes your skin perfectly. Using this after the body scrub makes your body feel so smooth, soft and full of moisture. I also put this on random dry patches and it honestly does help so so much. 

As of yet, I haven't tried the Shea Soap due to soap giving me extremely dry skin, so I am wary of trying it. But due to how nice all the products are for dry skin, I think I may pluck up the courage soon.

Overall Body Shop has done it again and pulled me into more of their products. The only problem is that Body Shop can get quite expensive, but I am looking forward to purchasing and trying more of there body scrubs and body butters.         ♥


  1. I would love to receive a set like this for Christmas! Might have to see if they have anything similar in store x

    1. It is lovely. Especially as the products on their own are pretty expensive. So as a gift set works out as a bargain.
      Saves enough to give you more to spend in Body Shop hehe. I have a terrible addiction to that place! :) x


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