Eating Out: Chimichanga Port Solent

Date night is my favourite night ecspecially when it involves delicious food, my boyfriend on the other hand I think prefers date night when there's a food challenge to accomplish. 
After looking around for places to eat, we decided upon Chimichanga's, firstly because I have never eaten at Chimichanga's and secondly because they have the 'Tombstone Challenge'.

When we entered we were greeted by the lovely staff and shown to our table and given our menu's. Once receiving our menu's, our excitement built up, for my boyfriend it was due to the Tombstone Challenge and for me it was because all the menu options sounded delicious. 

I opted for a starter of Chicken Tex-Mex Taquitos and for my main I chose Mexican Cobb Salad, and for my first visit to Chimichanga's I was not dissapointed. I ended up taking my leftovers and eating them for lunch the next day.


Now for the Tombstone Challange, this consisted of:
  • 8 Spicy chicken wings
  • Texan chicken stack (3x butterfly chicken breats with bacon and cheese)
  • 3 Texan BBQ mop sauce half racks of ribs
  • Chilli con carne
  • Coslaw side salad
  • Spicy pinto beans
  • Peri peri salted fries 
The goal of this challenge is to complete it within 20 minutes, if you manage to complete in 20 minutes then it will be and you get a photo on their wall of fame on the Chimichanga's main website.

Michael managed to complete the challenge in 11 minutes and 46 seconds! (As soon as his photo goes onto their wall of fame I will update this blog post with the picture and link) By the time we got home he was definitely paying for it with a very bloated stomach and even moreso the next morning, but he was super chuffed to have completed it very quickly.

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Overall my Chimichanga's first impressions were great. I would definitely visit again and would recommend the restuarant to everyone and the Tombstone challenge to all lovers of Tex-Mex food.

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